January 12, 2013

Galaxy Camera hands on review

Today I had the possibility to try a Galaxy Camera, so I will tell you my opinion.
At first I thought it was just another Samsung piece of junk, but it turned out to be a really nice camera.
The first thing you notice is the dimension: it has pretty much the dimension of a Galaxy Note.
The display is simply beautiful and bright, allowing the user to appreciate his photos on the device itself.
It has an extraordinary 21x optical zoom that allows you to capture really nice details. The image is nicely stabilized so that you don't take those horrible faded photos.
The tap-to-focus feature is really useful too and works pretty damn well.
Obviously the worst part of this device is the Samsung Touchwiz UI that ruins everything about this device (well, you can still change the ROM).
The price is a bit high, but not too bad I think: about 390€.
Well, if I needed a good compact camera, I actually would buy this (and remove Samsung software...).