February 03, 2013

Chinese S3 screen protection film

Today I bought for just € 1.20 a new screen protection film for my Galaxy S3.
I already used one on the "old" S2 and my satisfaction have been confirmed again with this film.
If you think about it almost every accessory is "Made in China" so there is no difference between a € 10 brand protector and a € 1.20 cheap one.

After buying it, the problem was to apply it. The problem is that you MUST remove every dust particle one by one, otherwise there will be an ugly enormous bobble for each particle on the screen. Quite a big deal... if you consider that when you apply the film you can't remove it and reuse it. Another big problem is the position: you can think that the edge you are working on is exactly where it is supposed to be, but than you realize how much you suck when you completely apply it. Everything has to be perfect or you just wasted time and money. At last i won, and this is the result:

I feel like I won the last wave of Mann VS Machine.