June 28, 2013

New Google camera with improved photosphere

It had already leaked on a Nexus 4, a strange new version of the camera featuring new controls. Now it is out, the new camera is featured in the new Google edition devices (Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One) running pure Google Android 4.2.2.

This new camera version seems to make kind of better photos, and photoshpere has been improved: now it works really smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy S3 running CyanogenMod 10.1.
Click the image below to see the two photospheres I made:

To enable the new camera, you must be running Android 4.2.2, and flash this .zip with a modified recovery like ClockworkMod Recovery, here you are the .zip file:

If you want to install the new Sun Beam live wallpaper (the one you have seen in the video) put the following .apk into /system/app/ and change its permissions to -rw-r--r-- :

June 24, 2013

Android 4.2.2 for Hyundai T7S

Yes, it's finally out: Android 4.2.2 for the Hyundai T7S tablet. You probably already know it (if you don't click >>HERE<<), this tablet is really great and incredibly cheap, but the only thing it missed was an up to date ROM.
But there is a little problem: this is an unstable firmware, it has been officially released, that's right, but in the website it's told that it has some bugs and that they will be fixed in a new release coming this week.
The bugs affecting this release are:
- Random reboots (some experience frequent reboots, I experienced 2-3 since yesterday, and while doing awkward stuff)
- Random freezes (I experienced 2)
- Exynos Abuse exploit fixed (actually a feature, but makes rooting a little bit problematic).
- Lockscreen Widgets seem to be unavailable (COULD be a feature)
- GPS not working
- Some derps with Google Now
- Quick Settings not working sometimes
- Many gapps not included (Play Store is still there, don't worry)
- Quite higher battery drain (pegasusq governor seems to be missing)
- Bad performance, will probably be fixed
- Problems with bluetooth devices like keyboards (maybe mouses and joypads too?)

While the improvements I discovered are:
- Better camera quality
- Better color quality
- New Phablet UI (Nexus 7 interface, no more old 4.0 navbar)
- New Phablet UI launcher (Nexus 7/Smartphone like)
- 4.2.2 apps now compatible (some interesting CM10.1 apps like cLock, calculator and keyboard)
- New "Software Update" option into settings (will it work?)
- Multiple users support

Here is the firmware download from an unofficial source (http://hyundai-digital.cn is only accessible from China or using a proper proxy):
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Installation instructions:
0. Before you start, you need an EXTERNAL sd card and make sure the tablet is at least 60% charge. Also remember that the content of the tablet internal memory will be DELETED and that I'm not responsable for any data loss or anything bad happening to your tablet
1. Extract the .rar file onto an EXTERNAL sd card (make sure the tablet can read it first)
2. Power off the tablet
3. Once it's off, hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time since you see some strange writings on the screen.
4. The installation started, when it's completed the tablet will turn off
5. Turn the tablet on and enjoy Jelly Bean!

Now, has I said, Exynos Abuse no more works with this firmware, so here is a guide on how to root the tablet:
0. Download this package (you need a Windows PC to perform this, mono and wine do not work)
1. Turn on USB Debugging on the tablet
2. Insert the tablet into the PC and let it install the drivers
3. Run PdaNet executable to install some needed drivers on the tablet
4. Follow the instructions until the installation finishes.
5. Open root.exe
6. Again, make sure the tablet is connected to the PC and that it is NOT turned off
7. Follow the instructions on your screen, you should be ok now, but the root manager is chineese and you don't want a chineese application to manage the root access, right?
8. Install your favourite root manager from Play Store or other sources (I suggest you Superuser by ClockworkMod)
9. Open the new downloaded root manager, it will probably ask you to update the su binary, do it
10. An awkward window will pop-up on your screen, tap the button on the left, that should be some kind of "allow"
11. (Optional but suggested) Delete the chineese root manager (it has a blue icon with an "R" on it) using Titanium Backup.

Here is a video presenting the new version, enjoy!

That's it! If there is anything else you want to know, just ask in the comments!
Special thanks to Slatedroid Forums!

June 13, 2013

Improve your productivity with Overlays for Android

Have you ever wanted to have your notes app/widget always on the screen? Or have you ever needed a calculator to use along with another app? Or even just a persistent shortcut to a specific contact?
Well, now you can do it with Overlays: this little yet powerful app allows you to have every widget/shortcut/app icon you want, just floating on the screen, for you to use it.
A better, faster way to multitask and make your life even easier.
Thanks to the creators of Overlays!

Overlays on the Play Store
Overlays Pro on the Play Store

June 04, 2013

Hands on: Hyundai T7S tablet

Let me introduce the Hyundai T7S Tablet: a great tablet equipped with an Exynos 4 quad SoC, a 2GB RAM and more interesting features! I immediatly rooted it with Chainfire's Exynos Abuse, and it is actually really easy to restore it.

[Exynos Abuse]

June 01, 2013

Hands on: Floating Notifications, a chat heads like service for all apps

Chat heads is a great feature, Paranoid Android team took inspiration from it to make their own chat heads for all apps, with a nice pop-up window showing the complete app. In one word, "Halo".
Quite in the same time, Floating Notification project started: the goal is to have something similar to Halo and chat heads, but for every ROM, without needing root permissions.
This app is really nice and promising, congrats to the developers, they have a bright future in front of them.

[XDA] Floating Notifications
[XDA] Floating Notifications themes
Paranoid Android website

Many thanks to BBQScreen developer xplodwild ( xplod.fr ) to have made such a great application!