January 05, 2013

Goodbye S2, welcome S3!

Yes, I finally made it: I traded my S2 for an S3. Actually the trade was between me and my dad, but i still know I will never use my old phone again.
I obviously updated it from CM9 my dad was using to CM10.1 and I can say it works pretty well, even a bit better than on the S2 (except for a little camera bug that forces me to reboot the phone to make it work again).
I'm really happy to finally enjoy the glory of NFC and notification led, as well as the quad core CPU. The only problem is the inconvenient position of the buttons: difficult to press when you need them and always in the way when you don't. Now that I am using it I can totally agree with codeworkx: the S2 shape is really better. But in the S2 I miss a lot of sweet features. I wouldn't have bought it actually but, hey...

I probably won't make a video since, well, the phones are nearly the same and they now run the same ROM, so... enjoy the news!