January 09, 2013

Android Navbar on almost every device running 4.0+

Remember to make a backup before flashing anything, this is really important.
Moreover remember that neither me or NemesisRE or xda-developers are responsable of what YOU do with YOUR device. If you install this mod you know that something could go wrong and completely mess up your device, but it is YOUR problem


As I posted some days ago, now I have a GT-I9300 and I am pretty happy with it.
But some things about this device simply suck. One of these is that if you use it in landscape mode, you almost always accidentally press the soft buttons, messing everything up. I always thought that using a Navbar on this device would be really better, but my laziness discouraged me to look for a mod. Today I had some time to spend, so I made a backup and started looking for a good mod. Well well, I found a perfect one made by the xda member NemesisRE (mod thread on xda).
It is simply perfect since you have many choices to customize your experience:
  • NAV_Only: enables Navbar and disables Home- and Softkeys;
  • NAV_HomeWake: enables Navbar, maps the Homekey to wake the device (nothing else) and disables Softkeys;
  • NAV_HomeCamera: enables Navbar, maps Homekey as Camerakey (holding it long opens Camera app / while in Camera App it takes photos) and disable Softkkeys;
  • NAV_StockKeys: enables Navbar no other changes;
  • NAV_Remove: Removes the mod;
I made this post to share with my few readers this awesome tweak and to say thank you NemesisRE: you made me happy :)