March 14, 2013

Ubuntu: disable annoying tap-to-click delay

I really love Ubuntu, but sometimes it just acts strangely. There was something weird about the touchpad, but I couldn't get what it was...
Today I found out that when i tap to click, there is a delay of about an half second from the actual tap to  the OS response. The phisical buttons work well, so I started googling about this problem. Well I found out that there is a synclient (the software that manages the touchpad) option called FastTaps.
By default its value is set to 0, so what if we set it to 1?
Well, well, well... that's what I did. AND IT FREAKIN WORKS! Now my touchpad works greatly! I don't know why they disabled it... anyway, to enable it you just have to open your terminal and type:

synclient FastTaps=1

You should be fine now. To revert this change, you just have to run the same command, replacing 1 with 0.
Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned!

EDIT: Apparently this option is disabled after every reboot, so I suggest you to set the command as a startup application.