March 28, 2013

pakman: use pacman commands, make apt do the job

Today I said to a friend of mine wich is an Arch Linux user: "Can you install apt on Arch?". After googling it, we found out that... yes, he can!
Then I wondered: "What if I install pacman on Ubuntu then?".
Well, I can't do it, too much work and I don't have the capabilities, but... actually I can write bash scripts...
And that's what I did: I wrote a bash script that receives pacman commands, interpretates them and execute an apt or dkpg command.
I found out that pacman is actually an existing package in my repos, so, to avoid conflicts of any kind, I called it pakman.
The suggested process for the installation is the following:
1) rename the file to
2) move the file to /opt
3) execute the following command: sudo ln -s /opt/ /usr/bin/pakman

And that's it! Just run pakman with the classic pacman options and the name of the packages into your debian repos.
Here is the link to the file on Google Drive:
Have fun!