May 25, 2013

Kingsoft Office Alpha 10 for linux quick demo

As I promised, here you have a NEW video! Two videos in (almost) one day! Remember to give me suggestions, I really enjoy making these videos and I appreciate every single comment you write, remember.
Video description:
Quick overview of Kingsoft Office (a.k.a. WPS Office), really nice and promising Office suite available for free. It includes Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet to manage your documents. It should offer a good support for Microsoft Office documents.
Kingsoft Office Alpha download page (yes, the latest version is the alpha, the beta is old and doesn't include english):
For Arch users, this is available on AUR. For everyone else, there are both .deb and .rpm files

May 24, 2013

[Video Tutorial] Integrate every Chrome web app with the system

Hello again! It's been quite a long since my last video, but now I'm back with a nice tutorial, and there is more to come!
The title is self explainatory: an easy, painless way to integrate web apps with system apps. Now GMail Offline makes sense to me.

May 16, 2013

Google+: disable the new two column interface

Many of you could have noticed that Google+ has a new two columns interface, similar to the tablet app. But many people seem not to like this new look, so here it is a tutorial on how to have a one column interface.
First of all go over the house button in the top left corner with your mouse

Now click on the settings buttion

Scrool down to Accessibility (it could have a different name, I translated it from the italian "Accessibilità") and check the only option present under that section.

Ta dah! Here you have your boring one column interface! Enjoy!

P.S.: As you could have noticed, I like the new interface, just to say...