December 30, 2012

Welcome the Nexus 7 to the family!

My mother received a Nexus 7 for Christmas. Obviously I can use this device as it was mine, so welcome it to the family!
As I put my hands on it, I immediately rooted it, installed the ClockworkMod Recovery and flashed the latest CyanogenMod 10.1.
I can tell you that it is a really nice device: powerful, extremely portable, user friendly even within the rooting process. A great piece of hardware indeed.
The only problem is that voice recognition isn't working yet, but they'll solve this little issue soon.

December 23, 2012

TF2: now awesomely working on linux

Yes TF2 now works on linux and seems to be really stable. It is fast and perfectly playable on a slow pc too.

December 17, 2012

XBMC 12 "Frodo" RC1 for Android: finally working

Yay! XBMC finally works on Android too! It is not perfectly smooth, but nicely usable and feels pretty nice. I think this could be a success (if you also consider the new android console OUYA coming soon) and I suggest you to try it, it's cool!
Not really useful on a smartphone, except for testing proposes, but still cool to show to your friends!

Hands on: CyanogenMod 10.1 for Samsung Galaxy S2

I promised a video and here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

December 16, 2012

CyanogenMod 10.1 (4.2.1) for GT-I9100: (un)official builds

I thought about this for a while and yesterday I first tried one of the unofficial CM10.1 builds for the GT-I9100. It is nice and I really appreciate the work codeworkx did.

I can tell you that it has not reached the CM10 level, yet: the UI is laggy and in my tests the camera and gallery didn't work. I am actually downloading today's build since there is an interestingly long changelog.
Moreover a rumor says that tomorrow we will have the first official builds (yes, they aren't official yet, even if codeworkx developed them... I think they want a certain stability to call a ROM official). In about an hour I will give you another update and I will make some serious tests with the new build to give you the best bug list I can give you (maybe you'll see a video, who knows?). Stay tuned!

December 08, 2012

XBMC 12 for Android beta 3 quick update

Nothing much has changed, the main menu works and there is sound now, but anything you choose doesn't work...
Moreover I noticed that if I force close the app and re-open it again it crashes right after launch.
It is possible that I experience these bugs because I'm using Jelly Bean, but I can't be sure.

December 05, 2012

H-Reader, a document reader for Android: official mockup

Here it is, my creation (er... just the mockup for now...): H-Reader.
This idea was born because I found no valid .pdf and .epub reader for Android.
Some time ago I told you that I was going to study Java, and that's why I need it.
The idea is a simple, Holo-light themed application with basic functions, nothing much but a useful and well made application.
I hope I will do this: it would be a really important achievement for me.
Hope you like!

December 03, 2012

XBMC 12 beta for Android

Yay, the firtst official apk is out! I had the possibility to make some tests and I wasn't able to do anything except opening the main menu. It is still a beta, I think they'll improve it, but for now it is far from being usable.
Stay tuned for more updates!